Captain's Log #1 ~ Feb 14, 2023

I decided to add in this journal section to the front page to keep track of changes or just give status updates every now and then. As of uploading this, I've already sort of reworked the look of the site to hopefully be a little more consistent across different device. I've also cleaned up the formatting a bit so that I can have an easier time making pages look consistent with each other as opposed to each page being a little different and messy looking. By golly, if my website looks messy, it's only gonna be because I want it to!

Captain's Log #2 ~ Feb 15, 2023

Making the site was eating up all my time, but now I've finally got it in a comfortable place where I can keep it for a while. So, today I finally went and got the circuit workshop put back together! I've got a backlog of equipment that needs-a-fixin'. A couple guitar amps, my N64 and Playstation 2, a big old PA live mixer, a tape machine, lots of junk. As I slooowly get to work on these things I'll finish setting up the Gear page and start posting about that stuff.

Captain's Log #3 ~ Mar 2, 2023

More old random cameras have been coming in, and at this point I've got a pretty solid back catalogue of cameras I wanna test out and talk about. Right now I'm occasionally filming stuff out and about on a Canon ES190 that I'll capture and post up on youtube. I also found this sweet Samsung 8mm camera (I forget the model right now) which is even cooler since it has a flip out screen and a speaker. But, I can't use it right now since it needs a new battery :P

Captain's Log #4 ~ Mar 9 2023

I'm in such a strange place with technology right now. On one hand I feel like I'm getting to know the web better every day, and on the other hand I feel like I'm getting more and more unplugged. I recently had to put a project together discussing some of the complications that 'social media' has brought to our health and our communities. Somehow, even though I agreed wholeheartedly with the message, I would still spend an hour browsing my phone in the morning before getting up to work on that project.

I've really thought about just saying screw it and getting a flip-phone but so far I'm not really convinced by any of the affordable options I've seen. Plus, the nicer ones seem too expensive for just a quick experiment to "see if I can do it." In the meantime I'm still trying to cut down on my reliance of phones when I'm out and about, and instead save the random browsing and fidget activies for websurfing on the computer at home.

Captain's Log #5 ~ Mar 19 2023

Me and my friend Pvrk actually just dropped our first collab single together for an upcoming EP we're working on. If you like songs with words, instruments, and melodies, this is totally your bag, baby!

Captain's Log #6 ~ Sep 21 2023

Phewee! It's been a while, right? Sorry to say, but I'm still kicking and I've got more junk to share sooner rather than later. Since last time, I've released my first collab album, launched my photography site, and I've begun work several new musical and non-musical projects. There's also gonna be a new camera review coming out in video and blog form, around the first week of November.

So keep your eyes open.

Captain's Log #7 ~ Nov 7 2023

The new camera review is still coming! I've shot a decent amount on the camera already, but I've decided to purchase the manual and remote for the video. This series is going to be super laid-back and I'm looking forward to starting it.