Ok, I'll be honest I'm absolute garbage at writing introductions and stuff, but anyways.

My name is Isaac but I go by a few different names on the web including Volume 2 and Front Page Phantom. I'm a student with too much free time on his hands, and most of that time is spent fiddilng around with music or other random creative experiments. All that stuff can be found on this site, so there's no point in me going into detail about each one. I'm also 1/2 of a musical duo called FRQNT FLYERS (more on that very soon).

If you really wanna know the deets, just go look at the FAQ below.

There's no schedule for when I'm making things since it's just a hobby, and I also have no idea how to actually build websites, so expect this place to be totally inconsistent.

Hope you have fun here, creeping on all the things I do... Sicko...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

I currently live in North Carolina

Do you eat people?

Not knowingly.

How long have you been making music?

I've enjoyed screwing around on instruments as long as I can remember, but I never even thought about writing my own music until around age 11 or so.

Are you Mexican?

I haven't been professionally diagnosed but I've been told that I showed early warning signs as a child. Por que?

Best game soundtracks?

Anything Koji Kondo has touched, Doom I and II, Quake, Rain World, Night In The Woods (rip Alec Holowka <\3), any classic Sonic Game, Ecco the Dolphin, Portal 2. Right now the Neon White soundtrack hits hard as an MG fan.

Why does my orange taste weird??

It could be a number of reasons, but the most probable case is that you just bought a tangerine. Tough luck, sport.

Will you build me a guitar pedal/synth/minecraft dirt hut?

I might start selling my DIY gear in the future, but right now things aren't lined up.

Are you gonna eat that?

Nah, I've lost my appetite, you can have it.